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With decades of experience, veteran News Journalist Brett Glover will tell you everything you need to know about kick-starting your podcast.

Arif Khan

Arif has an extensive background in starting, guiding, scaling, and successfully exiting multiple businesses, having excelled in the field of financial services assessment and forensic underwriting. He is a genius at dissecting business models to genuinely determine and understand their value proposition (their “why”) and redevelop viable strategies to accomplish their often forgo en objectives. What di erentiates him is his ability to find industry gaps and apply an evidence based approach that nets measurable results.
Arif is the CEO of Siva Inc (custom website and marketing strategies), and Owner of; Thinc (Business Strategies), Tomorrow (App and System Development), Launch (Blueprint Platform for Marketing Agencies), ChamberMade (Membership Management Software), Principal Broker / Owner at Solid Ground Mortgage Solutions, Director at IQ Invest Mortgage Investment Corporation, serves on the Board of Directors of the Barrie Police Service, and is an active Rotarian. While this might seem like a lot, Arif implements a specific strategy and system for every commitment that allows for unbroken focus. It is through this rich and immersive approach that he gains his acute and tangible comprehension and insight, to the benefit of those we serve.
Arif and his partner Mallory find energy and inspiration in their CAPES. (Yes, acronyms are cheesy but also memorable). CAPES = Community, Adventure, Prosperity, Exploration, Service. These words guide their decisions in business and life, since business and life are the same thing in their world.

Arif Khan

Brett Glover

Brett Glover

A long-time broadcast journalist, podcast producer and consultant. Excelling in news gathering and content creation, including story generation, writing, video production, photography, SEO optimization, podcast hosting and production. Supporter of LGBTQ2+ rights, free speech, an educated voting public, the arts, and of supporting local.

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