NCLC: What Is It And Will It Replace Developers?


The need for highly functional, and unique websites, applications, and programs continues to grow, and with it, the need for skilled developers. Many people are now looking to NCLC to fill the gap.

But hang on a minute, what exactly is NCLC?

What Is NCLC?

NCLC tools are programs or platforms that allow people to create applications and websites with either no code (NC) or low code (LC).

For example, WordPress is the industry standard for website design and can allow for the creation of pages or entire websites with little coding knowledge needed.

Big disclaimer though: Just because it doesn’t require coding knowledge, does not mean you can jump into WordPress and start building out a fully functioning website in just a few clicks.

What Is Possible With NCLC?

There are few limits to the different projects that can be tackled with NCLC, however the scope and creativity that can be implemented are obviously limited (we’ll talk more about that later).

Some of the things you can create with NCLC include:

  1. Back-office applications such as:
    1. Accounting and invoice services
    2. Key Performance Indicator tracking
    3. Workflow Management
    4. Inventor Management
    5. Marketing
    6. Shipping
  1. Web Applications
    1. eCommerce platforms
    2. Banking services
    3. Photo, video, and word processing programs
    4. Streaming
    5. Scheduling
  1. Mobile Applications
    1. Games and Entertainment apps
    2. Utility apps
    3. Productivity apps
    4. Lifestyle apps

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So, Why Do You Need A Developer?

NCLC tools are not here to replace developers. They are (mostly) here to help make their lives easier and more productive.

Developers Are Problem Solvers

When it comes to development, many consider it to be 10% coding and 90% problem-solving. Creating these complicated platforms means solving complex problems and that requires a deep understanding of the things happening behind-the-scenes.

Also, when things break or go wrong (trust us, they will), a developer can reverse damage and circumvent obstacles you might think are out of scope or just plain impossible.

Streamlined Communication

With high-code platforms, it can be hard for developers and clients to get on the same page. The difference between what the user sees (the front-end) and what the developer sees (the back-end) can be miles apart.

With NCLC, this difference is much smaller and means explanations, requests, and communication is much smoother in both directions.

Productivity Is King

NCLC helps eliminate a lot of the repetitive tasks and processes necessary for development. This means freeing up their time to focus on more critical sections and allows developers to use their time to be creative and innovative, instead of just punching in the same string of code for the 20th time.

Many NCLC tools also come with pre-built configurations. So, instead of starting from scratch and having to build the foundations again and again (and again), developers can jump into the more exciting and crucial parts that will make your app, website, or program stand out from everyone else.

The benefits of NCLC are plentiful and makes life easier for both developers, and the clients they work with. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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